Booty & Core

This is the hottest program on the planet. Quit following that girl on instagram with nice genes and get on a program that will actually grow your glutes! This glute and core-focused program will not only grow your glutes, but will help you get more toned overall.

  • Each block contains roughly 8 weeks of progressive programming for your lower body specifically
  • 2 full days, Wednesday and Saturday to make sure you have time to recover between training sessions
  • Minimal equipment required (barbells, plates, dumbbells, a bench, etc.)
  • 50-70min sessions, often includes optional accessory work at the end

What to expect

You’ll start class with a warm up and stretching/mobility to prep you for the rest of the workout. You’ll do a major lower body movement, some accessory lifts (for core and lower body), and class will end with a finisher to give you one last blast to your glutes/core!

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