Coach/Nutrition Coach/Athletic Development
favorite workout: Anything and everything for Upper Back. Building a buffalo back one lat-pulldown at a time.

fact you wouldn't guess: My secret talent is pumpkin carving.

My approach for developing athletes is to assess, correct, improve, and progress… building the athlete from the foundations all the way up to peak performance with an emphasis on movement efficiency and injury prevention. Stronger, faster, more powerful, and pain-free.

I specialize in training your body to move as efficiently, effectively as possible. I utilize corrective movement screens to personalize your plan for YOU and what YOUR BODY needs to develop the gains and RESULTS that you want!

Education and Certifications:
Biomechanics and Athlete Performance Specialist
BS Exercise Science Education | ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
DBC Level 1 Biomechanics Certified
DBC Level 2 Orthopaedic Assessment Certified
DBC Level 3 Sports Performance Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

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