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FREE Bodyweight Workout While You Travel

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years now and one thing is for certain…EVERYONE celebrates the 4th of July! Which means many of you are traveling and almost all of you are going to be eating and drinking things you might not normally eat.

IT’S ALL GOOD! But there’s a reason I look good in a bikini so do what I do and make sure you earn those carbs before you consume them! Here’s a free bodyweight workout you can do in the morning before all the shenanigans 🙂

Check out the time windows because you’ve got a built in minute rest at the end of each interval so I expect you all to get after it pretty hard!

Bodyweight one for all of you in case you’re traveling for the holiday!


Run 400m then perform Max Pushups


Run 400m then Max V Ups


Run 400m then Max Squats or Squat Jumps


Run 400m then Max Situps

Perform 2 rounds (so it’s 30min total) and on round 2, sub lunges for the squats and bench/chair dips for the pushups 🙂

If the run takes more than 2min, go ahead and shorten it to about 300m so you can get it done closer to 1:30!

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