matt calcaterra

Matt Calcaterra

favorite workout: Deadlifts all dayyyy

fact you wouldn't guess: Standing at 6'3", I have a terrible fear of heights

I am Matthew Calcaterra, a seasoned fitness professional with a decade of experience dedicated to the pursuit of health and wellness. I have actively engaged with the fitness community, sharing my knowledge and passion. I am dedicated to empowering others on their journey to a healthier and more active life.
My training approach revolves around personalized precision, leveraging my expertise in biomechanics and holistic health to tailor workouts that optimize performance and minimize the risk of injury. I create a dynamic fusion of high-intensity workouts and Strength training tailored to individual needs. An inclusive and motivating training environment where individuals push their limits and achieve transformative results.

Education and Certifications
BS Health Science: Holistic medicine
Youth Athletics (5 years)
Crossfit Athlete

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