Total Body Aesthetics

This is the bro split you’ve always wanted, with a modern twist. Have you ever been disappointed that you can’t do an entire chest or shoulder workout because you hurt your shoulder? Have you ever been so sore from a leg day that you can’t workout for 2 full days after? Our TBA program hits one exercise per body part, per day which helps you go all out each day without getting too sore or missing an entire day because of an injury. We’ve had insane results with this program.

  • Each block contains 4, 8, or 12 weeks of progressing strength training
  • Hypertrophy-focused programming (aka muscle building)
  • 5 full days each week (Monday through Friday)
  • 60-75min training sessions
  • Each muscle group will experience a certain amount of volume spread throughout the week to make sure you’re getting stronger and more toned
  • We use a mix of barbells, dumbbells, cables/bands, pullup bars, etc.
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