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How much does it cost for a Personal Trainer, And Should You Get Them on Board? A Billion Dollar Question Answered!

Your health should be your priority! If you can get started on your own, think twice because you need a lot of combined factors that will help you achieve your fitness goals while keeping injuries away, too! The simple answer is hiring a personal trainer in person or online. However, most people keep thinking and wondering, “How much does a personal trainer charge?’ and ‘Is hiring them worth it?’ It’s crucial to dive into the facts to decide whether hiring a personal trainer is right for you. If you are looking for a recommended gym, click here!

To give you an indication of how much does it cost for a Personal Trainer both in person and online across the various gyms in the United States and average of about 40$ to 70$ per for and if you are seeking a high end personal trainer that comes with expert knowledge and expertise then it can range anywhere between $ 100 to 175$ per hour.

Here is a more precise breakdown of ‘how much does personal training costs?

Type of Personal TrainingCost per hour in $
Individual Personal Training Session$100-$175 per hour
Small Group Training Session (2-5 people)$60-$90 per hour per person
Large Group Training Session (6+ people)$10-$30 per hour per person
Package of Multiple Personal Training Sessions$200-$1,000 (depends on number of sessions)

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Trainer for Fitness and Goal Achievement?

The cost of hiring a personal trainer depends on various factors that include:

1. Number of years of experience

‘How much does a personal trainer cost per month’  depends on their years of experience, certifications, and credentials. Their rates will depend on the expertise and experience they bring to help you achieve a seamless journey toward your fitness goals!

2. The Type of class:

If you take up the service of a personal trainer one–on–one in person, it will cost you more than an online class owing to visits to the gym and many other factors.

3. Length and frequency of the sessions:

The length of each session and its frequency during the week/month is a major factor in deciding ‘how much does personal training costs.’ The more the length of each session and frequency, the higher the spending at your end.

So, exactly ‘how much does a fitness trainer cost’ would charge you cannot be defined and could vary based on the factors mentioned above! There are several variables that influence this factor!

Take a Look at the average costs of a personal trainer per hour in the various states of US

To support you take a decision of hiring a personal trainer for your health and fitness, here is a tentative pricing per hour charged by the personal trainer across various states of the US. Remember, the prices differ based on geographical location.

StateAverage Cost of Hiring a Personal Trainer per Hour ($)
Alabama$40 – $60
Alaska$60 – $100
Arizona$50 – $80
Maryland$50 – $90
Massachusetts$60 – $100
Michigan$100 – $175
Minnesota$50 – $80
Mississippi$40 – $60
Missouri$40 – $70
Montana$40 – $70
Nebraska$40 – $70
Nevada$50 – $80
Arkansas$40 – $60
California$60 – $120
Colorado$50 – $90
Connecticut$60 – $100
Delaware$50 – $80
Florida$50 – $80
Georgia$40 – $70
Hawaii$60 – $100
Idaho$40 – $70
Illinois$50 – $90
Indiana$40 – $70
Iowa$40 – $70
Kansas$40 – $70
Kentucky$40 – $70
Louisiana$40 – $70
Maine$50 – $80
New Hampshire$50 – $80
New Jersey$60 – $100
New Mexico$40 – $70
New York$60 – $120
North Carolina$40 – $70
North Dakota$40 – $70
Ohio$40 – $70
Oklahoma$40 – $70
Oregon$50 – $80
Pennsylvania$50 – $80

However, its crucial to note that these prices are indicative and subject to change.             

Should you hire a personal trainer even after knowing how much a gym trainer costs?

Do you know that the reasons for hiring the best personal trainer online or in person are multiple because they help you achieve your fitness goals no matter what? They come with the requisite qualifications to provide a customized workout plan. So, no matter how much a personal trainer costs, the decision can be worth it!

Reason # 1: A customized Plan Just for your body!

We are all unique, with different fitness goals, body types, and conditions. Doing some random exercises can do more harm than gain in reality. But when you find out how much personal trainers cost and then make a conscious decision to hire them, you get a customized workout plan that is achievable and tailored to your needs!

Reason # 2: No minimum fitness required!

The best personal trainers start where you are! They don’t expect you to return, come to a minimum shape, and then take on their services. They work with no minimum fitness requirement, making them a super beneficial choice.

Reason # 3: Learn the right techniques

How much personal trainers cost is justified because they not only give you a set of workouts and monitor your progress but also guide you on the right techniques for doing various exercises and focus on improving your coordination, strength balance, and overall movements.

Reason # 4: See results

Whether you join a small group fitness class with a personal trainer or start an online class with a personal trainer, you will surely get results regarding your fitness goals.

A Useful Comparison To Answer Your Questions!

What happens when you hire an Experienced Fitness TrainerWhat happens when you start exercising on Your Own!
You receive personalized guidance and workout plan to meet your fitness goals.You set your own fitness goals which could be unachievable with random workout routine from the internet.
Your personal trainer hold you accountable for attending each session and progressing in your fitness goalsSelf-motivation  may not work too long and you would soon give up exercising or become inconsistent.
Your workout sessions are  scheduled, on time leading to the optimization of  time and ensuring consistencyRequires you to be self-disciplined to prioritize workouts and manage time effectively
You are supervised all the time during your sessions and they ensure to focus  on proper form and technique to minimize risk of injuryYou are subjected to a high chance of injury owing to lack of professional guidance and supervision

You are subjected to a high chance of injury owing to a lack of professional guidance and supervision.

Understand the various kinds of Personal Training and Their Cost per hour

There are various types of training that you could undergo with a personal trainer based on your preferences and body needs too. However, the cost of personal training would vary depending upon the type of training you would like to take up. Take a look at the various kinds of training and their average costs.

Sr.noType of Personal TrainingCost per hour in US dollars
1Strength and Conditioning Training$50 – $100 per hour  
2Functional Training$45 – $95 per hour  
3Weight Loss Training$40 – $90 per hour  
4Cross Fit Training$50 – $100 per hour  
5Sports Specific Trainer$55 – $110 per hour  
6Virtual Training$35 – $45 per hour  

Why Do Personal Trainers Come With Cost?

As with good personal trainers, anything personalized with expert services comes with a cost. When you are all set to achieve your fitness goals, how much a personal trainer costs per month should not be your decision-making question. Remember, your health will help you stay happy and have a healthy life!

# 1: The time of a personal trainer is valuable!

Usually, when they look at personal trainers at a gym, people feel that they are just hanging out all day, but that does not hold! They are not in charge of managing the gym but in charge of training, guiding, and monitoring the personal trainer fitness classes ongoing!

You pay for their valuable attention and time given to you during the personal training and create workout plans to keep you challenged and engaged daily.

# 2: That’s their bread and butter

Many people always question how much personal trainers cost and why. Well, everyone needs to understand that their services are customized and specialized. More importantly, it’s their source of income to run their household and family. Hence, paying them their dues based on their certifications and experience is a fair thing to do!

# 3: Each workout is customized

When you work with a personal trainer, you get a workout plan made just for you, considering what you want to achieve and what your body can achieve in reality! A detailed study of your condition and body needs is done, and a customized workout plan is made! Nutrition guidance is also provided. What you get finally is a routine that fits you perfectly.

Still, how much does personal training cost? Explore the Online Option!

If you need more time before hiring the services of a personal trainer, then you have an alternative! Choose the online personal training option through the Fitness app! Don’t know where to begin, start here!

Wrap up! Something in life comes at a cost! But their investment is worth it. The cost of hiring a personal trainer could range anywhere from $100 to $175 per session, depending on multiple factors of experience, expertise, certifications, session duration, location, platform, and much more! Click here to get in touch with a gym that provides you the best of services to take you towards your fitness goals!

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