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Protein 101

As I stated in my last protein email (Friday December 1st), Women generally need around .8g to 1g per pound of body weight to stay lean.

This means that if I am 155 pounds, I need around 124-155g of protein per day. I lift weights about 5x per week, so I hit 155 personally.

Men tend to need closer to 1g to 1.2g per pound of body weight to stay lean.

For many of you this seems like an astronomical amount and you probably don’t even know how much you’re getting each day.

To get started, I suggest you use something like MyFitnessPal or Mike’s Macros to get a general idea of where you are currently at.

Tracking can be a little intimidating but the amount of education you get is truly invaluable, and I know that all of my clients who have tracked their food in the past use it as an accountability tool. Once you track it, it’s real. Which oftentimes prevents you from having that second slice of cake when you find out a single piece was worth almost two workouts 👀

Only you can avoid the junk food, but I can help you with eyeballing portion sizes while you’re out or constructing a meal without tracking.

So What’s What?

Lean Protein

Here are some of my favorite lean protein sources with protein and fat amounts included:


– Egg Whites = 12.5g P

– Organic Chicken Breast = 36g P + 4g F

– 99% Lean Ground Turkey = 26g P + 1g F

– 96% Lean Ground Beef = 24g P + 4g F

– Deli Turkey = 17g P + 4g F

– Wild Caught Shrimp = 23g P + 2g F

– Atlantic Cod = 20g P + 1g F

– Tilapia = 20g P + 2g F

– Sea Scallops = 14g P + 1g F

– Protein Powders = 20-30g P + <3g fat (check the macros – often there are carbs/fats as well depending on the brand. and type).

Fattier Protein

Here are some of my favorite, shall we call it less lean? protein sources with amounts included:


– 85/15 Ground Lamb = 24g P + 21g F

– NY Strip Steak = 23g P + 17g F

– Atlantic Salmon = 23g P + 15g F

– 85/15 Ribeye Steak = 23g P + 14g F

– 90/10 Ground Beef = 21g P + 17g F

– 90/10 Lean Ground Bison = 24g P + 11g F 

– 93/7 Ground Turkey = 21g P + 11g F

– Whole Egg = 6g P + 4.5g F (large)

– Thick Cut Bacon = 5g P + 5g F per slice (always get sugar-free)

Calories Matter

Something I think many of you miss is the amount of calories in a gram of protein vs fat vs carbs.

Protein and carbs are 4 calories per gram, whereas fat is 9 calories per gram, which adds up!


4oz (raw) 99/1 Ground Turkey = 130 calories


4oz (raw) 93/7 Ground Turkey = 170 calories


4oz NY Strip (18g fat) = 250 calories


4oz Filet (10g fat) = 192 calories

But let’s be real, you get the 8oz option at your local steakhouse so that’s a matter of 500 calories vs 384 calories!

Why Does It Matter?

Because these are the little bits of information you need to make better decisions overall.

You only have so much time to work out each week, and I don’t know about you but I’d rather free up more time by not putting so much pressure one each workout to make up for shitty decisions from last night.

Respond SOS to this email if you need more help. We got you.

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